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LA Local Flavor: A Night At Scholb With Art + Beer

EventsPhilip Boelter
Scholb Artist Series

I love craft beer as much as I love art. Sometimes, I even treat myself to an occasional craft beer while I paint or draw. The two go so well together. So for me, having an art show at a local craft brewery is as fitting as peas and carrots. I never thought of the possibility to have an art show at a brewery until Matt Hazelton reached out to me to be a part of an art show at Scholb Craft Beer. Uhm, Yass! Needless to say, I was thrilled. What can I say? I love craft beer + art.

Scholb Artist Series Philip and Ashley

The South Bay is amazing. I’m lucky to live in an area with an exploding scene of craft beer alongside a growing community of artists. It’s quickly becoming home to LA’s largest selection of craft beer, including breweries like Scholb, Monkish, LA Ale Works, The Dude’s, King Harbor and so many more. From Inglewood to Torrance, you can find a unique brewery that can satisfy your taste buds. The coolest part about the expanding brewery scene, is the events they put on to attract more beer lovers. Scholb is definitely making its mark on the South Bay by bringing the community together and hosting art shows in their brewery. 

Artist Series at Scholb Craft Beer

It’s an incredible time to be in the South Bay with new breweries and galleries starting to populate the area. While the beach will remain the main attraction, more art shows and gallery events are beginning to take place. There is no doubt, as more craft breweries pop up, more events like this art show will continue into the future. So, we’ll see you at the next one.

Thank you, Matt and Scholb Craft Beers for including Boelter Design Co in such a fun night of art + beer. I had a blast sharing my art, selling prints, hanging with friends, and drinking some great award winning beer. 

’til the next, Cheers!

While on your next LA Beer Hop or passing thru South Bay, be sure to stop by:


Scholb Craft Beer

2964 Columbia St, Torrance, CA 90503


Making Shutterstock's List of "50 Inspirational Designers to Follow in 2017"

Philip Boelter
Shutterstocks 50 Inspirational Designers to Follow in 2017

I've been recently honored to be included in Shutterstock's "50 Inspirational Designers to Follow in 2017". I have used Shutterstock most of my design career, so to have been included in their list is incredible. I have so much respect for all these designers on this list and can not believe I am included in the mix. There is no doubt you'll find a designer you love or already follow. Check out all the other 49 designers now!

"Botanical Line Drawing" with Peggy Dean and The Pigeon Letters

Illustration, BookPhilip Boelter
Botanical Line Drawing by Peggy Dean

I was really honored when my insta-buddy Peggy Dean of The Pigeon Letters asked me if I would review her new book that is set to release May 1st on Amazon. She sent me a copy of her new how-to book called "Botanical Line Drawing" which contains 200 step-by-step illustrations of flowers, leaves, cacti, succulents, and other items found in nature. This book was a pleasure to go thru. Especially as a botanical and floral artist. 

When I first received the book, I glanced thru it and noticed all the easy step-by-step illustrations. Dean used about 5 to 6 simple illustrations that would help anyone learn how to draw these nature elements. Then, I noticed how many different items she actually provided. Two hundred things to draw is amazing for anyone looking to learn to illustrate.

Dean also broke down the nature elements into four categories for easy browsing. When I sat down to watercolor one of her step-by-step illustrations, I took a look at the contents and found one of my favorites sections – the "Cacti & Succulents". I skipped right to that section and browsed through all the fun doodles and whimsical illustrations. I was pleasantly surprised that most of the cacti illustrations were all playfully potted. Her step-by-step was easy and fast. There is also a helpful area to practice your drawing, so you don't have to worry about extra drawing paper.

If anyone is interested in learning how to draw botanicals, I recommend investing in this helpful book. Also, for anyone that is a bit more advanced, this book is very nice to have for inspiration and it's nice to keep in your library for reference. I will most definitely be looking through this book when I feel the need for a bit of botanical inspiration, feel like doodling along with Peggy, or let anyone draw thru it while it hangs out on our coffee table. Thank you, Peggy for such a fun book.

For more on Peggy and The Pigeon Letters, check her out on Instagram at @thepigeonletters

Botanical Line Drawing can be found here!

3 Amazing Illustrated Music Videos

MusicPhilip Boelter
3 Amazing Illustrated Music Videos

I love music. I also really enjoy watching Vevo music videos, probably because I grew up on MTV when they actually played music videos. Every music video is artistic in its own way, but I especially love when a music video incorporates art and illustration. I'll always remember falling in love with A-ha's "Take On Me". I think it's the first time I saw live action with illustrations, and to this day still enjoy watching that music video. Here are a few of my favorite music videos that have incorporated smart and beautifully executed illustrations in their music video.

1. Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like

Bruno Mars is already a brilliant dancer, but these minimalistic animations create an atmosphere around him and play around his fun dance moves. My favorite parts of this music video are where you see Bruno pour out champs, get pulled by a donkey, and drive a car. 

2. Skrillex and Diplo - "Where Are Ü Now" with Justin Bieber

This video has a similar take to the Bruno Mars video, where the illustrations surround the music artist. In this case, Justin Bieber is surrounded by crazy illustrations which make you want to pause throughout the entire video just to see what people had in mind when they drew on top of the film. Also, I love how the illustrations come from fans and are done within a span of a day or two. 

3. Taylor Swift - "Shake It Off"

Taylor Swift is one of my favorite musical artists. Though this illustrated music video isn't her official music video for "Shake It Off", it certainly could've been with it's brilliant and imaginative take from the students at the University of Newcastle in Australia. From the transformation of Taylor into a goat (because she is the GOAT) to the twerking hamburger butt buns, this is a music video that I can watch over and over for its illustrative art and creativeness. I especially love the cameo of Scorpion and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat.

How To Design Save The Date Cards Using Downloadable Assets From Creative Market

Philip Boelter

Learn how to design a Save The Date using downloadable assets from creative market featuring my product "Hand Illustrated Save The Date Overlays".

I decided to put together this helpful demo guide for anyone that purchases my downloadable product. Thanks for supporting my art and incorporating it into your special day. 

After you receive the download and open the folder, Open Photoshop and let's begin.

Step 1 - Create A New Project: Create a New project and enter the dimensions depending on the size you'd like your Save The Dates printed. I decided to use 5x7" for this demo.

Save The Date Demo 1
  • Quick Note: Typically, you'll need to add a bleed to your size. Usually the bleed adds .25" to the width and length, but check with the print shop you'll be printing these at. Ask or check online to see what bleed size the file will need. Sometimes, the online print shops supply files for you that have bleeds already to go. I like to use JakPrints & MPix

Step 2 - Adding Your Picture To The New Project: Open your photo. This might be the hardest part – Selecting the right picture for the "Save The Date". Yup, the picture that will reside on your friends and families refrigerators for months. Choose wisely. - Just kidding - Have fun, select your favorite,  but make sure it's big enough, and open the picture in photoshop. Then, Drag the image over onto the 5x7 file. 

Save The Date Demo 2

Step 3 - Adding The Hand Lettered Type: Open the "Hand Illustrated Save The Date Overlays" folder and take a peek inside the PNG folder. Open the "Hand Lettered Type" folder and select one of the "Save The Date" images. Open the file in Photoshop and drag the hand-lettered type onto the 5x7. Adjust the placement of the picture and the type until you're in love with the layout.

Save The Date Demo 3

Step 4 (optional) Changing the Color Of The Type: If you desire a different color of the "Save The Date" type, you can change it. To change the color of the "Save The Date" type, double-click on the layer and a dialog box will pop up. Select "Color Overlay" and choose the color by click on the color box. I decided to change the color of this type to white. 

Save The Date Demo 4
Save The Date 6

Step 5 - Adding A Hand Illustrated "Divider": Go back to the downloaded Hand Illustrated Save The Date Overlays folder and take a peek inside the "Dividers" folder. Once you found one you love, Open the file in Photoshop. Drag it over to the Save The Date. Once the Divider is on the new project, Transform the "Divider" to match the size of the "Save The Date" type, and place it beneath the type. 

Save The Date Demo 7

Let's also change the color to match the "Save The Date" type - Double click the layer and select "Color Overlay". I selected white to match.

Save The Date Demo 8

Step 6 - Adding Your Names and Date: Using the text tool, adding a text layer and write in your names how you see fit. Create a second text layer for your date. This is all for your liking. Also, here's your chance to add a font that fits your style. I choose the typeface Sentinel - It's one of my favorites. Also, I like to have the names slightly bigger than the date. 

Save The Date Demo 9

Once you've written out your names and date, be sure to Center Align your "Save The Date", Divider, and text layers. See the below image to find the Center Align button - I'm hovering over the button.

Save The Date Demo 10

Done! There ya have it. You're all done with your new Save The Date and ready for the print shop to do it's work. Save a .PSD and a .JPG for the print shop. Congratulations, you can now tell your friends and family you designed your own Save The Date.

For more information and to designer your own Save The Date cards, check out my 29 Hand Illustrated Save The Date Collection on Creative Market today!

Hand Illustrated Save The Date Overlays

Expand Your Business By Creating Products For

Philip Boelter
Expand Your Business Reach to Creative Market

What is Creative Market?

1. Another Platform To Sell Your Products, Designs, And Illustrations is a platform for handcrafted designs from independent creatives around the world. It’s a website where creative shop owners can sell beautiful designs. Most of these downloads are targeted to designers to help in creating their own products. For instance, I recently uploaded my first product, Hand Lettered Christmas Overlays, which is hand illustrated typography that includes 45 Christmas overlays intended to help designers create custom gifts, mugs, holiday cards, and more.

2. Expanding Your Business Across Platforms

Creative Market has become a marketplace for creatives to place products for sale in a network of 2 Million members. Although I also have my product available on my personal site, I decided to expand my business to Creative Market because they have such a wide range of customers. It’s best to make all your work available on as many platforms as possible.

The more exposure your products have, the better a chance it's purchased.

The marketplace is full of fonts, graphics, website themes, and more. It’s yet another reason why expanding your products to Creative Market is beneficial. Customers that are looking for fonts or other types of graphics, may stumble upon your products on a whim. The customer may not purchase your product then, but they could add it to a Pinterest board or remember it to purchase at a later date. I’ve used Creative Market for years now, and I’ve always returned mostly because I remember having seen a cool font or website theme beforehand, only to return to purchase it.

Becoming A Member and Opening Your Shop

1. Apply For Your Shop

Before you can open your shop, you must be accepted by Creative Market. You'll have to initiate an invitation to become a member. Just like filling out an application, Creative Market asks for your social networks, shop links, and any other websites you might sell on. I listed my personal website, portfolio site, society6 shop, Facebook and Instagram. They said they’ll respond within 2-3 days, but I heard back the next day which was great news!

2. Open Your New Shop

Once you are accepted into their marketplace, your next step is to update your personal shop profile. Like most profiles, you’re able to upload a profile pic, header image, and biography. Some profile attributes include adding a location, website, and social networks. What is really cool about opening up a shop on Creative Market is the tools at your fingertips. Under your profile, they provide a sales chart, number of views, and list how many likes your products have. This can be beneficial as you start placing more products for sale, and see the stats according to what products are selling best, or what imagery gets more attention.

Adding Your Product To Creative Market

1. Upload & Setting Up Your Product Descriptions

Once your shop is setup and you’re done creating a gorgeous new product, it's time to upload and share it with the world. Creative Market makes adding a product easy with being able to select attributes for describing what you’re going to sell. For example, when I added my Hand Lettered Christmas Overlays, I was able to select “Yes" for Vector. I was able to select the file names available for my download, like .PNG and .EPS, and I was able to select the software requirements, such as Illustrator CS1, for the products. These listed selections made for a quick upload, and ultimately help the consumer determine if this product is useful.

2. Creating Imagery to Catch Consumers Attention

After you’re done selecting your product attributes, one of the most important parts to your upload is creating stunning imagery for your product previews. Having gorgeous shots of the product in use will help with successful sales. Although finding great images can be a burden if you’re not looking to spend money on great photography, don’t settle for ugly photos or none at all. You most likely spent a long time creating your product, so it’s best to invest in yourself and spend money a few great photos from iStockPhoto.

Dress for success – This phrase should also apply to your products.

3. Setting Prices For Your Products

Creative Market lets you price your own work. I’ve always had a hard time pricing my own products, but I found a great article on their blog, which can help you find the best price for you and your customers.  Once you’re done pricing your product and made it available, it’s time to earn 70% on each sale and have the flexibility to upload it to your personal store or elsewhere. It’s nice they don’t have exclusive rights to your product.

Time To Celebrate, Wait For Your First Sale, And Celebrate Again!

Good Luck on setting up shop and creating products to share with the world. It will be beneficial, and can only help increase your exposure across the web. Please, take a peek at my store and follow Boelter Design Co on Creative Market today! All your support means so much to me. 

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Watercolor Brush Pens

WatercolorPhilip Boelter

I've recently posted a few short time lapses of succulents and flowers on my Instagram using watercolor brush pens by Speedball, and I had an overwhelming amount of people interested in the actual pens I used for the art. So, I thought I would write a blog post about these pens for anyone that is interested in learning more about them. 

Last year, I found these pens walking thru a local art supply store in Los Angeles and thought these pens would be great for hand lettering. I used them a few times for hand lettering, but I found that the ink flowing thru the brush wasn't quick enough for the speed I like to hand letter. I typically use a Pentel brush pen for hand lettering and thought these would be similar. I learned after a few hand lettering pages, that they aren't similar to the Pentel brush pens. So, I put them aside for months. 

Last month, I was going thru my art supplies and felt like I haven't given these watercolor brush pens a chance. I was also really into water coloring instead of hand lettering at the time, so I felt like I should try these pens out with water coloring. I began with a simple rose flower to learn the process and learn how the brushes ink the paper. Also, I spent some time learning how the blending brush works. I like to dip the blending brush into water, but the pen is empty and looks like you can fill it with water. Whether you fill it with water or dip it, do what works best with your techniques.

After a few trials with the pen, I found myself enjoying how smooth the ink blends together. They aren't like regular watercolors. The way they blend with the blending brush is easy and the blend is still very vibrant. I wouldn't substitute these pens for regular watercolors just yet, but they have been really fun as I learned a new method of creating art.

Tips for beginners with these pens:

  1. Start small. You don't have to create a masterpiece with your first time using these pens. I suggest you find something small you'd like to paint, like a rose or an apple, then do several trials of creating what you see without spending too much time on one larger piece. The main focus of these pens is blending, and by starting small, you won't potentially ruin a larger work of art. So trial and keep it small for your few first times. After a few small trials of getting use to the pens, maybe do something bigger. 
  2. Use Watercolor Paper Blocks. Don't feel like you need to purchase the expensive watercolor blocks like Arches. I suggest picking up cheaper watercolor blocks such as Fluid or Canson. I wouldn't go too cheap with watercolor paper, but I suggest purchasing a watercolor block because I have found that the block helps with keeping the paper flat as you put water on it. It will still warp a little bit, but not as much as the spiraled paper.
  3. Have Fun. These pens are meant for fun. So if you find yourself getting frustrated, or too much ink flows out and ruins a piece; try to remember that these are for fun. Art is fun. Whatever you create, people will enjoy if you share it with them.

I hope all of this information has been helpful. Now go pick these watercolor brush pens up, turn on some music, and go make some happy trees.

Free Coloring Page of Succulents

Philip Boelter
Download a Free Coloring Page of Succulents Now!

On the heels of my “Illustrated Floral Letters Coloring Book” (Buy now for $8.99 on CreateSpace and  Amazon!), I’ve noticed some great feedback and a lot of downloads of the “A” and “R” that I made available for download, so I’ve decided to upload a fun free coloring page of succulents.

Download a Free Coloring Page of Succulents Now!

If you follow BoelterDesignCo on Instagram, you may have recently seen a work in progress post of these illustrated succulents. I think art is best when it is shared and enjoyed, so I thought it would be fun for everyone to enjoy and color a free download of the art. I also enjoy seeing what friends and family color from my available coloring pages, so be sure to upload a picture to Instagram, tag BoelterDesignCo, and let your friends know where you are finding all the fun coloring pages to download.

Download a Free Coloring Page of Succulents

Why illustrated succulents? Besides the fact they are fun to draw, living in Southern California, I am surrounded by succulents due to the heat and dry weather. I love being able to drive out to the desert and see the huge cacti and colorful succulents. I also have been testing out my green thumb and purchased a few from the Little Italy farmers market.

I also have begun water coloring succulents for my Society6 shop and will begin to sell original watercolor paintings through my Big Cartel shop. So, if you love succulents, please feel free to shop on both sites, whether you are looking for cheaper prints or original art, I will have both available.

I don’t really have a process for water coloring or illustrating. I typically let my interest in a particular species of succulent drive my passion for the art. When I see a beautifully colored succulent, I get inspired to replicate the reality onto paper. I was recently asked what type of paper I like to draw on. I like to use a Mixed Media Canson 98 lb. I find that the texture is very nice for grabbing ink, doesn’t bleed, and has a good thickness.

If you like this downloadable, please check out “Illustrated Floral Letters Coloring Book” – Buy now for $8.99 on CreateSpace and  Amazon! If you do happen to support, I’d love to hear your feedback and read your reviews on Amazon.

Hells Yeah on Society6

Philip Boelter
Hells Yeah

The latest art to be added to my Society6 store is my brush lettered “Hells Yeah”, that I’m in love with because of the process I had to do to create this art. I first brush lettered the Hells Yeah, then illustrated the floral letters, and completed it with a vectorized version before adding it to Society6.

See More “Hells Yeah” on Society6 Now!

Months ago, I fell in love with brush lettering because of the amount of certain fonts available, different custom lettering styles, and the different pens that were available. On Instagram, you can find so many different calligraphy and brush lettering styles, but I first fell in love with the brush lettering when I was researching fonts for our wedding in 2014. I came across Ondise by Jessica McCarty and purchased it from my I used this font across some of our designs, but could easily be used for everything.


Hells Yeah WIP

After a year, I decided on creating my own custom hand lettering styles. Using fonts are fine, but there is something about creating something that will never be used again. Every letter is created differently than a font, and that is what I was drawn to when I decided to create and learn my own modern bush lettering style. This led to an obsession of buying different brush pens that help in creating different styles, but my favorite pen is a Pentel Brush Pen. It can be forgiving and creates wonderful textures with different styles of paper. As I continue with brush lettering, I thought to take it a step further with my Hells Yeah piece. I decided that what better way of doing a floral lettering piece than to add in some of my favorite brush lettering styles. 

After brush lettering the Hells Yeah, I began illustrating the flowers, letters, and then inked in the artwork. I gathered my inspiration of flowers from the D in my Illustrated Floral Letters Coloring Book. The flowers are daffodils with a touch of my own creative. Illustrating the flowers were easy, but the letters of Hells Yeah were a bit tough for me. I found it hard because of all the detail that the letters had. It was stressful intertwining all the flowers with the letters.


Hells Yeah WIP

However, it wasn’t until I began inking in the art that I started to be really stressed out. I was so afraid that I would mess up while inking because there were so many overlaps and the type needed to have no mistakes. In the end, it turned out exactly how I intended the art to be, but I didn’t know exactly what to color in next – was I to ink in the brush type, or the background?

Because I couldn’t decide on what to ink in (background or brush type), I decided that vectorizing the art would help me decide, but it led to more color choices and eventually adding it to Society6. I love seeing brush type and art vectored. It’s fun playing with color choices and is less stressful. I went with black, gray, and hot pink/red cause it reminded me of the old sceamo/emo/pop punk scene of the 2000s. Also, the color palette went well with “hells”. Having it vectored opened up conversation on Instagram about other color palettes, and I think I will eventually add color choices like orange/blue, yellow/green, and something else. After I finished with the colors I liked the most, I finally resized them for Society6 and made this art available for everyone to purchase.

Hells Yeah on Society6


Hells Yeah Carry All Pouches

Society6 also just made available new Carry-All Pouches. The “Hells Yeah” looks bad ass on the product, but please check out all the products you can get “Hells Yeah” on. Also, they are having a promotion (expires March 6, 2016) for Free Worldwide Shipping + 15% Off New Carry-All Pouches – See Carry All Pouches Now.

Avame Free Font Download

Philip Boelter
Avame Font

About Avame

I’ve decided to reintroduce Avame as a free font download. Designed by myself, Philip Boelter, in 2009. Avame was created with the inspiration of street art and two fonts, Avant Garde and Bauhaus. I was infatuated with ligatures and wanted to design a font that included various ligatures, retain the cleanliness of straight sharp lines, and be able to use the font for stencil work in street art. 

Avame Free Font Download

1. Avant Garde

Through the late 2000’s, Avant Garde was being used on everything advertising, and I fell in love with the font for it’s clean sharp lines, its “A”, and the various ligatures in the suite. Avant Garde is distinct with it’s sharp lines and bold gothic style that make it perfect for headlines and stand out.

Apparently, it was designed only to look good written as Avant Garde, but I found using the glyphs and ligatures to be therapeutic when designing. In my opinion, the lines all make for a great font to be played with to create your own logos. Certain letters simply stand out on their own, like “A”, “R”, and NT. You can spot Avant Garde by the slanted A glyph or the way the bowl of the R sharply stops at the stem. I’ve found bringing the letters closer together or intersecting them work better than most other fonts. It’s awesome to see all the great ligatures in the collection of Avant Garde. The ligatures looked like logos in their own right, which made me think of how I wanted to design Avame with similar ways of incorporating ligatures that were useful in creating beautiful logos.

2. Bauhaus

Bauhaus inspired my creation of Avame, but what hasn’t Bauhaus inspired. Being one of the most influential fonts of the twentieth century, it is a font that is ingrained in most of our minds, but I love the simplicity of the strokes, roundness, and retro vibes. 

The typeface has open-ended strokes that work well for stencils. With the open-ended strokes, this made the use of the font easier to cut out and use for graffiti art. Most fonts always need a little line that would hold the open counter of a glyph, but not ITC Bauhaus. Like Avant Garde, Bauhaus has bold strokes that make it great for headlines and logotype. This made it perfectly suitable to work well with a font like Avant Garde. Bauhaus was designed early in the 20th century, but I found that I was more inspired by the ITC version from 1975. This version has a retro feel that was making a huge comeback in the late 2000’s, just like Avant Garde. The two fonts are so similar yet so different. One being sharp, the other being a bit more rounded.

3. Street Art

In the late 2000’s, street art was gaining huge traction because of artists like Shepard Fairey, Banksy, and urban areas being gentrified. Obey and Shepard Fairey were on top of the world with the Obama “Hope” poster. Obey’s Shepard Fairey, already huge in the street art scene, became a public figure when Obama used his now iconic poster for his first election run.

After Shepard Fairey received attention more than ever, so did the scene of street art. Contributing to the street art scene is probably the most iconic of them all, Banksy. His iconic pieces of street art increasingly became more and more sought after most likely due to social media and stores like urban outfitters. Now, you don’t have to go to London to enjoy one of Banksy’s art pieces, you can view it online, or pick up a coffee table book. But because he created such fascinating ways of street art, people wanted to see it and enjoy it, which only helped spur the rise of street artists. Around urban cities being gentrified, vandalization slowly became more visual street art. I created Avame while I lived in San Diego, and I was lucky to have lived in a city with so much rad street art that contributed to more of my inspiration. It wasn’t uncommon to see Invader’s 8-bit pixelated video game caricatures, Shepard Fairey’s Andre the Giant stickers, or badass murals like the ones common in Chicano park. It’s no wonder why I was so infatuated with street art; It surrounded me and my life, that I decided I wanted to design Avame with a boldness that a street artist would consider using one day. 

Avame Free Font Download

I hope you enjoy Avame free font download. I would love to see it used, so please share anything you design using Avame.

Why You Should Create A Society6 Shop

Philip Boelter

I started my Society6 shop last year, and I have been asked a few times from artists if it would help; so, I decided to share my thoughts on why you should create a Society6 shop. If you’re an artist, you should drop everything you’re working on and create your Society6 Shop. Now, let me tell you why. Last year, I began uploading artwork, illustrations, watercolor, and hand lettering designs to my Instagram, but it wasn’t until I was doing some freelance work for my friends over at Happy Spritz, that they told me to start a Society6 shop. I wasn’t sure how or when I was going to create a Society6 shop, but I had been creating so much art and sharing it on Instagram, that it was absurd I wasn’t taking a bit of time to share it on Society6.

Reasons Why You Should Create A Society6 Shop Now

I stopped creating for awhile in order to create my Society6 shop because I had so much awesome feedback from the Instagram community and a push from friends. I started noticing a rise in people asking where they could get art prints or iPhone cases with my art. Well, I didn’t really have a solution, nor did I like the cumbersome work of getting a professional print, mailing it off, and worrying about returns. I just couldn’t really figure out a good solution and, honestly, I probably spent more time trying to figure it out rather than just seeking out Society6 to help. Here are a few reasons why you should create a Society6 Shop.

1. Stress-Free Shipping and Handling

After using Society6, I quickly realized that they take care of all the heavy lifting aspects of the job, leaving me with more time for all the fun of continuing to create art and design. As an artist, Society6 will save you a ton of time and stress. When a product is purchased, they print it and ship it. If a product is returned, they take care of the transaction. This leaves you with a sense of no worries and lets you continue creating art.

2. Promotions

Alongside stress-free shipping and handling, Society6 also provides weekly promotions that help artists promote their artwork. I get weekly emails with what promotions are going on in the Society6 shop. Last week, they had a “24HR BIG A$$ SALE!” which promoted 15% off everything plus free shipping. This gave me the opportunity to promote my artwork as 15% off and free shipping with social media posts informing my followers about the sale. Sometimes, they run week long promotions and give artists helpful sales templates to use in case they haven’t had time to create an advertisement for themselves.

3. Community engagement

Society6 has a great feed for artists and members to like, comment and share. Like Instagram, the feed has the newest art pieces at the top and you can scroll further down to see older posts. There is a feed to discover new artists or you can look at the ones you select to follow. They have also just released a new iPhone app that lets you keep up on the latest releases more often than ever. Now, you don’t have to be on a computer to see what your favorite artists are posting, you can now follow along with your app to find some inspiration any time during your day. I really enjoy being notified when someone follows me, promotes my art, or purchases something! They keep progressing on ways to create a fantastic community that helps with artist-to-fan engagement.

It’s Okay To Be Skeptical – It’s Your Art

Like any artist, I was a bit skeptical at first in starting my Society6 shop, because I really didn’t know how it worked. I remember 5 or 6 years ago, I considered creating a shop on Society6, but for some reason, I wasn’t into it. I wish I had known then how great the company was for an artist, or that I had someone tell me to “create your Society6 shop now!” However, I would be remiss to say it’s all peachy. Here are some cons to creating a Society6 shop.

1. They take a huge profit

Since they handle so much, they take a pretty good size profit. They only give artists opportunity to set profits for the art prints. For instance, If I want to sell my “Chill Vibes” poster, I can set how much I want to make on each size. However, all other products sold (i.e., iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, and mugs) have a defined set price for your profit. If you sell an iPhone case, you’ll only make $1.50. It’s pretty small, so you’ll want to really make some great art that makes a lot of people attracted to that iPhone case to really see some cash roll in.

2. You have to be promoted by Society6 to get into their shop

I think a lot of artists that start their Society6 shop don’t understand that Society6 has their main shop. This is the main website everyone views. Not all artwork uploaded to Society6 is shown. I don’t blame them. Can you imagine all the crazy art that would flood the shop if they let that happen? So, you can create a shop, but you have to advertise it enough for people to find it on Society6. You also need to spend a lot of time creating beautiful art (which we all should). But you need to create really badass work, where Society6 will promote it to their shop. This is when the majority of Society6 traffic will find you. I found this out when my “Chill Vibes” art was promoted. It gained a lot of traction and most of my sales have come from it.


“Foggy Surfer” – BoelterDesignCo on Society6

“Foggy Surfer” – BoelterDesignCo on Society6


3. Resizing and uploading

I love adding to my Society6 shop, it just takes a bit of time doing all the resizing. Basically, this is work for an intern. Remember those days where you had to do mundane tasks. This is one of those tasks. There is nothing worse than having to go through all your art, scanning, and resizing to all the product spec sizes. Especially when you first start your shop. You’ll spend hours of your time resizing and uploading art.

My final thoughts

If you’re an artist considering why you should create a Society6 shop, I say do it. Do it now and take time adding to the store. It probably won’t make much in the beginning, but just keep adding art to the store. Like any storefront, the more product you add to it, the more people will come back and hang around looking at everything you have for sale. So, stick with it, add great art and have fun.

Check out my store

For 2016, my goal for Society6 is to add more hand lettering, brush script, and watercolored flowers to my shop. If you like my art, please check out my shop today and maybe send me a few promotions (likes) to help me along! Check out BoelterDesignCo on Society6 Now. Below are a few examples of my work.

Download Free Coloring Pages

Philip Boelter
Download Free Coloring Pages

With my release of “Illustrated Floral Letters Coloring Book”, I thought it would be nice to share a couple of the letters for free downloads. I attached a couple links that you can download free coloring pages for kids or adults. It’s always nice to find free coloring pages for kids, so please feel free to download the letter A and/or letter R for you or your kids. Once you download the sheet, print it out, and then print it some more. It’s also a fun activity to sit down with your family and color together.The letters are taken out of my “Illustrated Floral Letters Coloring Book” which I hand illustrated. We all love letters, and all have our favorite – if it’s not A or R, then I hope you consider “Illustrated Floral Letters Coloring Book” today from Amazon – Buy Now. Also, I’ve posted most of the letters to my Society6 shop, so if you want a poster or iPhone case of your letter, we have you covered.

Download Free Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

Download Free Coloring Pages of the Letter A Download

Download Free Coloring Pages of the Letter R Download

I hope you enjoy the two free downloadable coloring sheets. The letter A is one of my favorite letters and I always loved R. Enjoy and reach for your crayons. These are a great way to share a piece of what I’ve been working on for the last few months with everyone, and I’ve been really stoked on the feedback. I hope you share your colored versions of the letters on Instagram or Facebook. I would love to see them! Please tag @BoelterDesignCo so I can see your artistry.

Floral Letters With Negative Space

Philip Boelter
Floral Letter A Collection 2

Floral Letters – On to Vol. 2

On the heels of “Illustrated Floral Letters”, I’ve decided to pursue my next big long project, negative space with floral letters. Check out the first letter here. I love the aspect of floral letters creating type in negative space. Stay turned and continue following for updates on the progress.

This coloring book seems like it will take just as long if not longer due to more intricate design and lettering. What do I mean? Well, considering it’s the outside of the letter, I have to draw a bit more around the negative space of the floral letters. This will take much more time and precision while I try and maintain all their sizes. I’m shooting Summer 2016 as a release date, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t see the light of day until Fall. Hopefully, there are no hiccups.

My first coloring book was quite the long project, so why have I decided to pursue another book so soon? Well, as much work as it’s been, I have enjoyed it; and more importantly, I’ve enjoyed seeing the great response. It’s also been fun keeping up my illustrating every day. It gives me the drive to complete the project, and I get bummed out when I can’t create a letter. But the most important thing I’ve learned from the first book, is I need to enjoy the process and take my time. Illustrating these letters do take a long time, yet the times I’ve felt rushed to complete one, makes me uncomfortable and I forget why I’ve started the project.

While I continue this second coloring book, I will stay composed and try to remember the reasons I started up again – the love of illustrating.

Cheers to type and lettering!

Illustrated Floral Letters Coloring Book

BookPhilip Boelter
Illustrated Floral Letters Coloring Book

Buy Now – On CreateSpace and  Amazon! After three months of sketching, inking and developing; I have finally published my “Illustrated Floral Letters Coloring Book”. I started drawing these letters back in November 2015 and finished in January 2016. Once I finished ‘z’ I started designing the book and looked at several options and sizes. I went with 8×10 because of the standard size in case anyone had wanted to frame a letter, also it would have a better chance to be picked up by distribution. I read a lot of self-publishing company reviews and narrowed it down to CreateSpace and my tried and true, Blurb. After comparing the quality and pricing between Blurb and CreateSpace, I decided to use an Amazon Company. Their quality is great and their pricing structure is amazing. The coloring book is now available for purchase on CreateSpace and Amazon for $8.99. Hopefully, it will be picked up by other distributors in the future.

Thank you to my friends, family, and my wife for all the support through countless nights spent fulfilling my dream of creating a coloring book for everyone to enjoy.

I appreciate all my friends, coworkers, and family for pushing me to complete this project. What started out with a letter B (which stood for Boelter and Bliss), and my passion for illustrating flowers and lettering spurred into three months of work. I was inspired and blown away by all the feedback to move forward with completing the book. I also want to thank so many great Instagram curators for helping me get the word out about the book. Thank you Goodtype, Typespire, Type Gang and Type Matters for all the support you have given me, as well as, all the incredible Instagram Lettering Community. It helped me further push to complete the book.

Illustrated Floral Letters Coloring Book – Buy Now

I will be updating everyone with a link to Amazon once the book has been added, but if you are really eager to get your coloring on, please go ahead and place an order here. Having completed the book, I am wondering what next lettering project I’ll do next. I hope you keep following along and enjoy what i create! Thank you all so much! Now, go get your coloring on!

Available on CreateSpace – Order Now

Available on Amazon – Order Now

South Bay Vibes Stickers Available Now!

Philip Boelter

I finished a few designs based on the South Bay of Los Angeles and decided to make a sticker pack with a few of the designs. The pack is called South Bay Vibes Stickers and they are $5 on my Big Cartel Store while supplies last. I used my favorite Lifeguard Tower vector line art, the Manhattan Beach Pier, and a pineapple drawing that I just love to spice up the pack. Like all my vector illustrations, I illustrated these using Adobe Illustrator, and then had them produced by StickerApp has such great quality. I was really impressed with the quality and the price is by far a great deal for how many I wanted to produce. For the small quantity I wanted, I was shocked I could get three designs and keep the price under my budget. I highly recommend StickerApp if you ever want to produce your own stickers. For the South Bay Vibes Stickers, the stickers came out a bit smaller than I wanted (they run about 1″ to 1 1/2″), but they are the perfect size for laptops, notebooks, phones, and anything else you can imagine. I’ve shared these packs with several friends and have actually seen them on their laptops, refrigerator and iPhones, so that just put a huge smile on my face to see them being enjoyed.

South Bay Vibes Sticker Pack

The sticker pack includes 4 or each design, so you can share with friends or swarm your favorite item with awesome sticker goodness. This is the 1st Edition of South Bay Vibes, so look out for the next Edition which will include the Palos Verdes Lighthouse. If you have any ideas for the South Bay 2nd Edition, leave a comment on what you’d like to see or have!

South Bay Vibes Stickers Now Available

These sticker packs are available at my Big Cartel shop for $5 (*US Shipping Only).

Lifeguard Tower Silkscreen Prints Available

Philip Boelter

I decided to use my vector illustration of the Hermosa Beach lifeguard tower and complete a series of Lifeguard Tower silkscreen prints. There is something about silkscreening that makes me melt. The texture, the color, the paper; It all has something that gives me the feels. I decided to get back into silkscreening lately, so I decided to start out with a little more simplicity and minimalism. My lifeguard tower design was perfect, especially because of the Hermosa Beach inspiration that surrounds me. I decided to create a makeshift studio in the back of our house, grabbed the supplies to silkscreen, and started the process.

I got all the supplies from Artist & Craftsman Supply on 1660 La Cienega Blvd. They are one of the best art supply stores in Los Angeles and have a perfect location as it’s on my way home from work. I picked up the silkscreen, emulsion, clamps, light, and ink for a great price. I then got a piece of wood from Home Depot and drilled the clamps to the piece of wood. It has a smooth surface and easy to clean up if any ink gets on the table. Using the piece of wood for silkscreening is smart, because you can move it where you want it and store it away in case you need to make room in your studio or home.

Lifeguard Tower Silkscreen Prints Now Available.

I decided to get back into silkscreening lately, so I decided to start out with a little more simplicity and minimalism. My lifeguard tower design was perfect. Especially because of the Hermosa Beach inspiration that surrounds me.

Only 10 prints were made and available now available.

Floral Letters and Illustrations

Philip Boelter

My latest project which has contained these floral letters has been one that has lasted a few months now and has been a dream come true. Back in November 2015, I combined two of my favorite things to illustrate: flowers and type. I started out with the letter B and soon it was picked up by many Instagram curators like Type GangType Matters and, notably Goodtype by Brooke Bucherie which gave me a huge boost in the lettering community.

Floral Letters and Instagram

After seeing all the amazing feedback and hearing many friends say how cool it was, I decided to do the long marathon to complete the alphabet in all floral illustrations. Also, with the brainstorming of my friends of family; and the rise of popularity with adult coloring books, I decided to go one step further and create a coloring book. Working long hours after work, sketching and inking A thru Z, I finally completed all the letters in January 2016.

Since the project took so long, and I invested so much patience, I decided not to rush the process of completing the coloring book. I searched around for the best self-publishing companies and read a lot of reviews. I first began with Blurb because I’ve had a lot of success using their Indesign plugin, and I love the quality of work they produce. After designing the book, I ordered one and loved the quality that Blurb produced. I will continue using them on most of my personal book making. However, while waiting for the coloring book to arrive, I continued to look for the best self-publisher, and I came across and They both had awesome reviews, but I think having CreateSpace being an Amazon company, I decided to use them to help me publish my first book.

The book is now available on Amazon – Order Here.