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Years of experience and artistic roots past down from multiple generations.


Experience in e-commerce and apparel companies with photographing clothing, accessories and model shoots for web and print.

Web Design

Years of conceptualizing web designs, UX/UI experience and hand coding HTML to CSS.

Print Design

From magazine ads to large format printed ads, experience flows from a persaonized poster to large pieces for the Super Bowl.


A glimpse into my designer world.

Live Nation Email Template

Email Design

Super Bowl XLVIII

NFL Ticket Exchange Decor

NFL Ticket Exchange

Banner Advertisements

NFL Ticketmaster

Splash Page Design

TM Appie

Ticket Transfer Campaign

Oscar by Alpinestars

Website Design and Photography

Alpinestars Cycling

Website Design

949 Independence Jam

Website and Print Design

HD Boardshort

Website and Logo Design


Flash Coding

Young and Reckless

Website and Promotional Design

Tom Joad Coffee

Logo Design

Chainline Brewing Co.

Logo Design

Live Nation Logo Mocks

Logo Design

Ticketmaster Badges


Ticketmaster VIP


Artist Nation




Shane Bliss Photography


Indie Jam



Where I've been has led me to a better designer today.

  • The Past

    My Roots

    Before I began my career, I grew up taking art classes from elementary to high school and on to working for my dad's print company. During college, I took a photography internship at the fast pace environment of Dr Jays, churning out product for web while being fast and as perfect as could be before photoshopping it for the web.

  • 2006-2010

    A Passion For Music And Art

    Making my way from marketing into more web and design, I had started back at Academy of Art University to further my education in web and new media. Meanwhile, San Diego radio stations gave me opporunities to explore design with festivals and concert promotions.

  • 2009

    Freelancing Like Crazy

    With the downturn of an economy, I found myself working with 24Seven agency to get my foot in the doors of places like Quiksilver and Reef where I enjoyed the surfer culture and all the art that came with the positions. I began production on a new campaign from Reef, while coding flash for Quiksilver lookbooks and their website.

  • 2010- 2011

    Transition To Web Artist

    Falling in love with the Sports Action Industry, I planted my feet with Alpinestars. The company gave me opportunities from photographing to web design.

  • 2011-Present

    Entertainment Is Passion

    Finding my way back to music led me to Live Naiton Entertainment working for Ticketmaster. It's made me a complete designer and brought me so many opportunities that I'm so grateful. I've become an experienced UX/UI designer and have found a passion working with the NFL.

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