My wife and me

About Philip Boelter

Artist. Designer. Husband. 

Los Angeles, CA

As an artist and designer, I’m not tied down to one set of materials, software, or subject. I set out to make things that wouldn’t only be beautiful to me, but something that would be beautiful to everyone. Nature, flora, and landscapes are what capture my eye the most, so I am always looking at my surroundings to influence my art.

From an early age, I’ve always been closely drawn to flora. Whether I create from pastels, oils, watercolor, or ink, flora can be created with so many different types of materials to express different emotions. There is so much expression that can be conveyed with the different colors and shapes a flower can make. It can be simple or complex, and both seem to create an emotion that everyone can enjoy. It’s the perfect picture that can be manipulated, simplified, or realistic. 

Though I tend to be mostly influenced by flora and nature with my art, I want everyone to understand what type of artist and designer I am. I am not only an artist, but I spend my weekdays creating better user experiences on the web and mobile platforms. While I’m not working my day job, the art I create is a stress relief and could be understood why I gravitate to flora and nature. To me, this is my escape from reality and where I find pleasure. 

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating.